The Strange

“Chaos reigned past the starting grid. The endless, shuddering expanse was deeper than any real sky, and it absorbed my gaze. Within its infinite wheeling eternity, a hunger stirred. Fear swept through me—and a mad certainty. I realized that everything I knew was wrong.” – Carter Morrison

The Strange is composed of what physicists and astronomers on Earth call dark energy (or, more precisely, dark energy is the expression that the network takes as it intersects our own universe of regular matter). Within its immense and ever-expanding volume, it’s capable of hosting almost limitless amounts of information. That expansion continues to occur at an ever-accelerating rate, and as the Strange swells, it expands the universe along with it. Over its billions of years of existence, entire worlds have taken seed within the Strange, grown, and flowered with their own unique sets of rules to govern them. These rules have no boundaries, but once they’re set, they’re set, firming up a portion of the Strange with a new reality called a recursion.

The Strange, also called the Chaosphere, was intentionally constructed by the Precursors— technologically advanced aliens—billions of years ago to facilitate intergalactic travel across the universe. The aliens would upload themselves into the dark energy data web, then “print” themselves anew at some distant star, without having to travel the light years between the two locations in the normal universe.

Something went wrong in the network, and the aliens lost control. In the billions of years since, the Strange has continued to expand. As it did, the planetovores that dwell within it swallowed civilization after civilization that innocently “pinged” the dark energy network, and in so doing, provided a bridge to that civilization’s world.


The Strange

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