Anders "Pax" Fenning


Estate Intelligence Report

Name: Fenning, Anders. AKA: Pax

Alerts: A03.05: (!) Minor Psionic or Pseudo-Psionic Abilities.
A03.03: (!) Minor Object Teleportation/Displacement Abilities.
C04.12: Identity Fraud; Counterfeiting; Wire-Fraud; Check-Fraud.
C02.01: Firearms Trained.
E01.02: (!) Estate Security Risk.
E09.03: Non-hostile limited asset.
P03.01: (!) Terra-Centric (Xeno-Homicidal).
P05.07: Manipulative; Impulsive.
S05.00: (!) Quiet Cabal Affiliated.
Z01.02: (!) For observation only without executive approval (Estate/Quiet Cabal Co-operative and Non-Interference Directive).

Origin: Terra (Earth). Species: Terran (Human).
Age: 30. Nationality: American-Japanese (Dual Citizen).
Height: 5ft10.5inches. Weight: 71kg. Race: Caucasian.
Spark: Yes (Confirmed). Quickened: Yes (Confirmed).

Known Affiliations: McGunnark, Alistair; Quiet Cabal; Kensington (Ringleader, the); Kati.


History: Anders Fenning relocated to Tokyo, Japan in 2001. Patricia Fenning (biological mother) and Xavier Fenning (biological father) held positions within the American consulate from 2001 till 2007 before returning to America. Anders remained in Japan.

From 2005 till 2011, Fenning was charged with several counts of minor theft, impersonating government officials, and interference with police investigations; however, there are few records of these charges. It has been confirmed by Estate Intelligence that political and legal manoeuvrings instigated by Patricia and Xavier Fenning had kept these charges from Anders’ official record. Estate can confirm Anders’ involvement with a small crime syndicate that had operated out of an establishment in the Ginza District, Tokyo, Japan. All but two members of the unnamed syndicate are confirmed deceased or incarcerated.

The first reported contact between Fenning and McGunnark, of the Quiet Cabal, is in early 2010. Prior to their meeting, it is believed that McGunnark had been observing Fenning for several months. Fenning officially joined the Quiet Cabal early 2014.

Assessment: Fenning is considered dangerous by Estate Intelligence. He shows no reservation in using his quickened abilities and criminal skill in order to achieve the goals of the Quiet Cabal. This includes petty theft, assault, breaking and entering, and trespassing. While there are records that Fenning has shot and killed several terrans, it has been determined that he had responded in self-defence. However, records suggest that Fenning has killed inhabitants of Crows Hollow and Ardeyn.

Personal accounts by Estate field operatives have stated Fenning’s demeanour to be pleasant, if not charming. He is considered intelligent, quick to respond, but often clumsy and undisciplined. Further operatives report his willingness to assist Estate where possible though never at the expense of Quiet Cabal interests. His repeated appearance in Estate records is not out of the ordinary for the Quiet Cabal. Information provided by McGunnark regarding their current operatives indicates Fenning to be a competent agent with genuine interest in protecting the secrecy of the Strange.

Fenning spends much of his time at the Quiet Cabal headquarters. It is believed that he assists in some of the administration of the unit. Trackers have noted his repeated visits to “Mushi-Kun Super-fun-happy-time Karaoke and Sake Bar”, which has been closely monitored due the history of crime operated out of this establishment. Fenning has maintained a relationship with Yumi; the last member of their old, unnamed, crime syndicate.

Anders "Pax" Fenning

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