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Character Descriptor Type Focus (Earth) Focus (Ardeyn) Focus (Ruk) Tier
Anders "Pax" Fenning Sharp-eyed Spinner who is Licensed to Carry Wields Soul Magic Processes Information 2
Kensington, a Stealthy Paradox who Operates Undercover Wields Soul Magic Spawns 2
Igorus Dimitriov Verzhbitskiy a Strange Paradox who Conducts Weird Science Conducts Weird Science 2
Yamamoto, a Lucky Spinner who Infiltrates Spawns 2


Name Level Laws Spark Trait
Ardeyn 3 Magic 80% Brash
Earth 5 Standard Physics 100% None
Ruk 4 Mad Science 100% Strange
The Strange N/A All Unknown Alienation
Crow Hollow 3 Mad Science & Magic 25% Stealthy



Organisation Rep Relationship Base Description
The Estate 2 Neutral Earth A donation funded group who fear the singularity
Quiet Cabal 3 Friendly Ruk Freelance cells who work against The Karum
Office of Strategic Recursion (OSR) 0 Neutral Earth If the FBI, CIA and NSA had a organisational lovechild
The Karum -5 Hostile Ruk Nihilists who wish to see Earth destroyed



Main Page

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