“Carl Sagan had a famous saying about Earth being a pale blue dot. He said Earth is the only world known to harbor life, and that there wasn’t anywhere else people could migrate to if we ruined the planet. Well, I suppose that’s true for a lot of people living here. But for some of us, Earth is just the doorway.” – Carter Strange


Earth is not actually a recursion, although very often when referring to recursions collectively, Earth gets lumped in. Earth is technically a prime world, and it owes its existence to the laws of the physical universe, not to the laws of the Strange.

This is the Earth you all know, modern day 2014, it is a place of technology, immense cities, wars and religious schism. But there is something more, things that walk the streets unseen by the unenlightened. The alleys are darker, the forests deeper and the supernatural more than the schlock that is shown on cable television. You are on the front line, making sure that those who slip into Earth from other recursions are shown the door home, one way or another.




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