Crow Hollow

Crow_Hollow.jpg Crow Hollow is most known for its Glittering Market, an always open bazaar that features shopkeepers who hail from alternate recursions. The Glittering Market is spread across the branches of a massive tree. Beyond the tree branches, only clouds are visible in an endless-seeming blue sky. The Beak Mafia of Crow Hollow offers protection to most shops in return for small monthly fees.

Crow Hollow was formed from a distillation of fictional leakage from a variety of sources depicting ravens and crows as sapient creatures. Natives come in several varieties, but all are a partly humanoid variation on a crow or raven, including the human-sized natives, which to the eyes of a human recursor visitor, are crow-human hybrids who wear clothes. The residents live in small homes built of wood and thatch, though the more well-to-do keep mansions on the higher branches.


The Glittering Market

Crow_Hollow_Info.jpgCrow Hollow hosts a lively market where coins (including crow coin), gems, and other sparkling, shiny valuable bits are traded amid very vocal haggling (which sounds like a squadron of cawing crows flying overhead to non-natives). Though it may not look it, the market is also a premier location for the buying and selling of cyphers. Recursion miners who know about the Glittering Market and don’t have better offers elsewhere often unload their merchandise here. But to do so, they must brave the Beak Mafia.

Crow Hollow

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