Mai Williams

A Graceful Vector who Looks for Trouble


A Graceful Vector who is a Cyborg on Ruk


Estate Non-Operative Assets

File: NOA097A – Williams, Mai

Origin: Terra (Earth)
Species: Terran (Earth)
Sex: Female
Age: 33
Nationality: American (Asian American)
Race: Asian (Chinese with Irish/Polish decent)
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: ?
Quickened: Yes

Known Quantities: Exceptional athletic ability, highly skilled in military weapons, hand to hand combat and blades.

Achievements: USA Olympic squad in gymnastics, silver medallist in world track games – 100m and long jump, US Army (Sergeant), NATO Response Force (NRF) member (two full services, 2 x NATO Meritorious Service Medals, Rank: Captain)

Current Affiliations: None – operative is a lone recursor who has known to work for various non-enemy factions. Has resisted all recruitments attempts to this point.


Born in Helena, Montana USA to a third generation Chinese immigrant mother and a sixth generation Irish (Polish mix) father.

Appears to have had an atypical childhood but certainly competed and excelled in numerous athletic fields: ice skating, gymnastics, track and field and kendo. Achieved Olympic selection in gymnastics and medalled in the World Athletic Games at 19.

Mai joined the military (U.S. Army) at 19 after a break year (apparently across Europe and Asia but we cannot find any trail – possible first recursing)

Apparently frustrated at opportunities in the Army despite excelling in combat training and applied for and was excepted into NATO and completed two tours of duty across the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Won two medals for service, both for safely securing and rescuing allied assets from hostile forces. There are several redacted documents detailing her missions but some discreet interviews from witnesses say that some of her assault runs were almost inhuman in speed and lethality. There is one file we successfully retrieved that reported that NATO had given Mai up as a likely casualty as her location as swarmed by insurgents. She was not found despite the heavy bombing and sweeping and yet, appeared a few days later once the area was safely under NATO control. Again, we suspect she recursed to safety.

We believe it was around this time that the OSR became aware of her and tried to recruit her, aggressively it seems. She soon completed her second service and disappeared.

Ruk is where the Estate had first true contact with Mai where she assisted senior operatives in successfully raiding a Korum holding to rescue several agents. She had been hiding out in Ruk for some time to learn more about her abilities and what the OSR and other factions wanted with her. We believe that whatever first interactions she had with the OSR has given her a healthy distrust of Strange based organisations. She has since returned to Earth and now assists us on a contract basis, usually in a secure and retrieval role.

We have backed off for the time being with our attempts to recruit.


Mai Williams should be considered a perfect soldier: loyal, trustworthy, lethal and able to follow orders. Her appearance allows her catch many off guard despite being very toned and is a sought after body guard. Reports have been all positive, she is friendly but professional and uses her abilities freely to get a mission done.

Though unaffiliated, Mai is considered less of a risk than other freelance recursors due to her strong code of honour and ethics. She is a useful asset to place with other non-faction teams that are considered a little loose with their abilities and responsibilities.

Given time, we hope to convince Mai to join the Estate by her own choice by showing our dedication to the defending Earth against foreign invaders. However, we fear that using her to find and retrieve our other non-operative field team may have the unfortunate consequence of introducing her to the much more militant Quiet Cabal. Hopefully, their loose cannon approach will keep her wary.



Mai Williams

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