Alistair McGunnark

Scruffy, gruff and a chain smoker, Alistair has fought the good fight for longer than he can remember.


Despite his scruffy an dragged appearance, Alistair looks a bit younger than he is. At 44 years old, he has been an active agent for the Quiet Cabal for 27 years and that strain is apparent in his eyes.

Despite having lived most of his life in Japan, Alistair keeps to the trends of British street-wear and his choppy brown hair and constant aroma of cigarette smoke, he seems to belong in a an English pub, not the glittering towers of Tokyo.


Alistair is the senior Quiet Cabal agent for Tokyo and the only remaining member of the previous cell who disappeared after translating into The Strange directly.

Since then, Alistair refuses to translate anywhere but Ruk, where he often travels for new missions and to act as a courier for the Earth bound cells.

Alistair was born to a British professor who was teaching in Osaka and to a Ruk agent of the Quiet Cabal. He has lived most of his life in Japan but has spent some considerable time in Ruk before he is sent back to complete another mission.

Having been an agent from the age of 17, he is very experienced and takes the job seriously despite his appearance and sarcastic demeanor. He has no moral issues dealing with various organised crime syndicates like the Yakuza to gain vital information and equipment for the Cabal. He views his role, saving Earth and Ruk from external threats, to be on a grander scale than the petty issues of crime and drugs.

Alistair McGunnark

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